Meet Becca


If you look in the dictionary, next to Chic it will say: Becca. It’s a fact. Even in a shark shirt holding a beer.

Have you ever seen someone and been all like “omgah Iwanttolooklikethat.” I do it every day at work, along with at least 8 other girls here.

Becca is one of those girls that can wear a garbage bag and make it look cool. Though I have never actually seen it, I’m sure it would make me want to wear a garbage bag. Like “Becca was wearing a garbage bag and flip flops, so I bought a garbage bag and flip flops.” Mean Girls? No? Becca is the Cady Heron of my office. But she’s actually really nice..

Sunglasses: Linda Farrow Luxe

Shirt: Zara

Handbag: Baggu

Pants: Helmut Lang

Shoes: Acne

Happy Monday!

Ps. Go like my facebook page and you might win a really super awesome prize!

xx -S

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