Homemade Pesto Pasta

A Recipe

I love pesto. I love basil. I love pasta. I love vegetables. I put them all together and I love pesto basil pasta vegetables? Mmmhhhmmm.

Pasta is the easiest thing to make ever and you can go so many different ways with it. Tomato sauce, alfredo and cheesy, pesto, serve it cold in pasta salad, garlic and oil. This was my first time making my own pesto, well my own version of pesto. I was going towards making pesto, but since I don’t like to follow recipes I’m not really sure what it actually calls for.

So for my pesto, I used a few different things. I started with half and half for a creamy base. I added quite a bit, maybe quarter to half a cup, of grated parm, and some minced garlic. I put it all in my magic little bullet, added some fresh basil leaves and began the blending. Using fresh basil is one of my favorites. I just love the way it looks and even more the way it smells. Heaven.

Next, I cut up some veggies and threw them in. This is a great way to get vegetables into your diet without really having to taste or see them. I used red and yellow peppers and some onion. I even put spinach in! AHH!! I was getting a tinch thick so I added a little 1% milk.

So meanwhile, on the other side of my kitchen (two feet away), I cooked up some chicken breast and some gluten free pasta. I also cut up some tomato and cheddar cheese to add to the sauce and garnish the top of my dish.

I finished mixing my sauce, added it to the pasta and cut up the chicken to put in. Sprinkle a little shredded parm on the top, and we’re ready to eat! You can also cut up basil leaves real small and add them into the sauce after blending to make more the basil flavor. I highly suggest doing that..

And enjoy!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Comment below!

xx -S

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