Nail Polish Contest!

Product of the Week

Ok, now I know this is kind of a no-brainer, but this week’s PRODUCT OF THE WEEK is nail polish. Yes, nail polish. I have expressed my love for having perfectly painted nails numerous times, but I think we need a little more attention placed on the importance of this. Maybe it’s superficial of me, or nitpicky, but there’s a 67% chance I will like you more if you have nicely painted nails when I meet you.


That being said, your nails don’t necessarily have to be painted when we meet, as long as they aren’t chipping like the paint on a 100 year old barn in New Hampshire. That’s when I know we probably won’t get along. First impressions make all the difference.


As some of you may know, I’m hosting a craft party next week in my little apartment. We will be making braided headbands, mason jar projects, and, a secret until now, I will also have a nail polish bar. I’m so excited about it and have literally lost sleep over the last week thinking about every single detail of the party. I’m not sure if that means I should be a party planner or if I shouldn’t be a party planner.


Anyways, I have a pretty fabulous collection of colors (don’t worry, this isn’t all of them). Whenever I’m feeling a little down, or need a pick-me-up, I head on over to a drug store and pick up a new bottle. The last color I bought was “Going Incognito” by Essie. I saw it in a magazine and I needed to have it. It’s a dark greenish color and I can’t wait to wear it into the fall!


This is where you guys come in. MY NEXT CONTEST!!!


My favorite color of all time is called “Lilacism” by Essie (above). It’s a pretty purpley color and it’s just very sweet to wear. It makes me feel feminine and always more confident when I know I have a beautiful color on my nails.


So the contest. Comment below (please add your email so I can contact you!!) with your favorite nail color and who makes it. It can be any color, from any season, of any year. I had one favorite a few years ago called “You Don’t Know Jacques” by OPI. I stocked up on it and wore it all the time; so did every other girl at FIT. It was a great basic, a brownish grey, and went with everything!


If you have a go-to color, I NEED to know about it. Please tell me so I can be enlightened with your beauty expertise and try it out!!


_____The contest will end next Tuesday night and a winner will be selected at random! The prize will be something fabulous, but I can’t tell you what it is!! 

Best of luck to you dolls, and let me know if you have any questions!

Ready….. GO!

xx -S

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