The Fanciest Bed

With My Awesome LED Lights

Ever since I was little / saw “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” with my old friend LiLo, I’ve always wanted a cool bed with lights on the headboard. It completely outweighed my desire for a canopy bed, which would be my second choice. I guess I’ll admit that when I was buying my (Ikea) bed for my very first apartment about three years ago, I purposely picked one that was open rather than a solid piece of wood for the simple fact that I wanted to decorate it with lights.

When I came across these LED lights, courtesy of RTGS Products, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them, first, because I really want to do about a hundred different things with them. I wrapped them all around my headboard, and around and around. After about half an hour, I plugged them in and was more excited than when I plug in my Christmas tree for the first time after decorating it (on my list of top 5 most exciting things that occur in my life each year).

My bed is literally lit up like a Christmas tree and I LOVE IT. I had thoughts of forming a heart around the center pieces of my bed, but I decided that might be a bit too juvenile for my very chic bedroom. Maybe for Valentine’s Day. I leave these on when I’m watching tv or just hanging out and they provide enough light for me to see everything, but add a hint of romance. They’re very bright (I have the cold white color) and make my room look so fancy. And, when they’re off, you would never notice them!

Since the wall that my bed is on is made out of solid concrete, I can’t put nails into it. I’ve been looking for something to spice the wall up and believe me, I’ve found it. I got a sticky hook to hang my canvas picture that I made (link below) and the two together are complete perfection. Though my room doesn’t quite compare to LiLo’s, I am very pleased with it. Maybe I need to find someone I love enough to have a larger-than-life sized picture of and buy a few feather boa’s to casually drape around the room too.

Canvas Picture Craft

If you would like to find these fancy little lights, check out their products on Amazon. They’re great quality, offer tons of colors, and are inexpensive (start at $6.95).

RTGS Products

I hope you love my bed as much as I do! Thank you RTGS for saving my boring wall problem!

xx -S

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