Coffee Please!

Product of the Week

Some days you just need an extra boost, and when putting on red lipstick just won’t suffice, coffee is always there. And who said my POTW had to be a beauty product??

My little stint of not drinking coffee lasted a few weeks, but I had a realization that I really just like coffee. If it doesn’t hurt me, then why stop drinking it? I guess there are a lot of different factors involved in pros and cons of drinking coffee, I would know because I wrote a speech about it in my public speaking class. All 15 minutes of it.

Did you know that light roast coffees actually have more caffeine than dark roast? The longer the coffee beans are roasted, the more the caffeine wears off. Did you also know that a cup of coffee can cost $9.71 or more from Starbucks? Of course, that would be with a lot of extras included. I like to save those for my sweet 12th (free) drink.

I try to drink coffee in the mornings at home as much as possible since it’s a lot less expensive than buying it everyday, however some days that just isn’t possible. Or maybe I just want someone else to make my coffee for me. What’s wrong with that?!

I switch it up from time to time between Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, depending on what I’m craving. I’ve noticed a significant difference in DD in New Hampshire and in New York. Those in NH seem to make my coffee with more love, and they taste a lot better. They are also cheaper than in New York. At the DD near my office, it is a miracle if they make it correct on the first try, mostly just because they are doing everything so fast to keep up with the customers. That’s New York for ya.

My recent fave DD coffee is the coconut caramel ice coffee, cream only. I love the coconut anyways, but adding the caramel to it makes it that much more delicious. As for Starbucks, it’s been a venti soy hazelnut ice coffee; today’s drink of choice.

So are you ready for the next contest?!

Comment below with your favorite coffee order, whether it’s from a coffee joint or homemade! And if you don’t drink coffee, simply comment with your favorite tea, juice, soda, any beverage of choice.

I will pick a winner next Tuesday night and notify you via email. Also, please be sure to add your email when you leave your comment!

And lastly, be sure to check that little box that says “Subscribe to this Blog” when you’re commenting!

Congrats to my previous contest winner, Leanne Cann. She told me all about her favorite nail polish, and F randomly drew her name out of my I ❤ NY coffee cup!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Good luck dolls!

xx -S

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