Spinach and Artichoke Cups

A Recipe

When trying to decide what kind of snacks to offer at a party, one should consider the following: 1. is it easy to eat (no one wants messy fingers while trying to mingle) 2. will everyone like it (even the picky eaters) 3. will it still be delicious after sitting out for an hour or two 4. is it going to come out good even if you make it with no recipe (because I don’t like to follow them).

After contemplating all of these, I decided spinach and artichoke cups for the win. I made them once before, two Thanksgivings ago, and they came out fabulous. I didn’t use a recipe then either. It’s all about knowing how to work with what you got.

For the filling, I thought about what would be good together and how I could make this snack as yummy as possible. Everyone loves spinach and artichoke together, right?

I bought a fresh bunch of spinach, chopped it up and put it in a bowl to start. Next, I used a few artichoke hearts from a can, because to be honest with you, I don’t know anything about artichokes and as much as it kills me to use canned foods, sometimes it’s just necessary. I cut them up nice and small and added them. For the cheeses and to bind everything together, I used about a pint (maybe a little more) of ricotta, a big handful of shredded mozzarella cheese and one (or two) egg(s). I added some minced garlic for flavor, mixed it all together and it’s good to go!

For this part, you can really cater it to whatever you’re using this recipe for. I used crescent rolls, cut in half and a mini cupcake pan. You could make mini calzones with this if you fold the cresecent dough over, you could put it on top of a pizza, use it as a dip, or you could make lasagna with it. Endless possibilities with this creation.

Fill each cup with some of the dough (I thinned it out a little with my fingers) and put some of the mixture in. Bake it on about 400 for roughly 10ish minutes or until the dough starts to turn golden brown. You can even put a little more mozzarella on top so it’s nice and melty.

Let them cool for a few minutes then serve! Super easy and it is always a huge hit!

Try it out and let me know how it is!

xx -S

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