Craft Party!

Girls Night!

For the last few months, I have been wanting to host some sort of party at my apartment. After thinking, planning, talking, stressing, I finally decided I wanted to do a craft party. My thoughts were to probably not do it on the weekend since everyone usually has plans to leave the city on the weekends in the summer, and to try to plan on a cooler day so it wasn’t 600 degrees in my apartment. Since I can’t predict the weather weeks in advance, I would just have to settle with setting a date and hoping mother nature would cooperate. The end of August the official plan, and luckily my window a/c was cool enough to not keep us from fully melting.


Being the perfectionist that I am, I spent a majority of the week prior to the party planning, doing research, making lists, calling my mom for advice, etc. Naturally, since it was a craft party I was planning, I spent a whole lotta time on Pinterest looking for ideas or ways to spice up some old crafts.

I decided on making braided headbands, painting mason jars, and including a nail polish bar. I ordered some supplies, faux suede string and beads, and went to craft heaven, aka Michael’s, and got all the mason jars, paints, stickers, glitter, sequins, and anything else I might have needed.

Finally, the day of the party came. We set everything up and were ready to go. Tick tock. Took a few pictures, obviously.


For the food, I wanted to do something easy that everyone would like. Cheese and crackers are a must, along with lots of wine (those 2 buck chuck’s are amazing) and a pitcher of iced lemon water. I had recently made a pesto sauce (see recipe in previous post) and decided to do that with tortellini on toothpicks for easy dipping. I wanted to do one more snack, so I made the spinach and artichoke cups (previous post) which are really quick to prepare. Both were a total hit!


Now on to the crafts. We started with the headbands. Everyone picked three different colors, some used the beads, some didn’t. They all came out wonderful and a few of the girls wore them the next day!



Everyone had their own take on the mason jars. Nikki kindly printed a few ideas for me that I hung on the wall, others did their own research to see what they wanted to make. I have one mason jar that I like to use to drink iced coffee out of. Though I didn’t make one the night of the party, I have big plans for the left over jars. You’ll just have to wait and see!

Sadly, we all got so caught up in our crafts that no one had time to paint their nails! Such a shame, but it’s a great excuse for my next party!

xx -S

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