I Got A New Eyeshadow!

Product of the Week

Since I ran out of my liquid foundation, I went into the Mac Cosmetics store in Flatiron to find myself a new one. They were out of my shade (sadly) so I decided to instead get a new eye shadow to satisfy my make up craving.

I hopped on over to the eye shadow display and went right to the light, shimmery colors. I have one now that I love (not by Mac); it’s gold toned with a slight shimmer. I don’t even remember when I got it. I found it in the back on my make up tray a few months ago and fell in love; but is almost gone. Boo. So, my thirst for a new one arose.

I found this beautiful white/yellowy/goldy color with a little shimmer just like my old one! YAY! It’s called NYLON and is so versatile. I like to put it in my inner eye (tear duct, etc. I had a jolly time looking up what to call that..) and right under my bottom lashes towards the outside. Should I do a drawing for all this??

Anyways, I use it kind of how I use a highlighter, only to brighten my eyes up a bit to compliment rest of my face. It makes a world of a difference and makes me look a bit more awake and cheery. Who doesn’t need that?

It’s easy to reapply, if need be, for an after work happy hour with the girls or a big date night that you don’t have time to go home to freshen up for. I don’t use an eye shadow primer, but for an everyday look I use a little liquid eye liner on the top of my lid and mascara, which is a must.

Let me know if you have any faves!!

xx -S

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