September 9th

Outfit of the Day

I might be late with this trend in New York City standards- denim on denim. Now that the weather is getting a bit cooler, my need for a light jacket is increasing. Finally! This is my absolute favorite time of year, and coincidentally I have the most amount of clothing for colder weather. Or maybe it just seems like that because it all takes up much more space than my sun dresses and sandals.


Soon, my dress and sandal closet will be transitioning to my jacket and boot closet, and J will still only have one drawer for all his stuff. Hehe. Anyways, jackets and blazers are one of my favorite additions to an outfit and take up a third of my closet, just to the left of the whites. I organize them by which ones are my favorites rather than by color since they’re a bit easier to add to an outfit.


For today’s outfit, I based it around my sneakers. They’re pretty new and I was excited to wear them. Thanks, Superga. They’re casual, but don’t look like I’m about to go to the gym so they’re appropriate for my casual office with the right outfit.

Next comes the jeans. I needed something super skinny, so I went directly to my Hudson shelf. I love that they’re so dark and the ankle is nice and skeenny to show off my sneaks. They’re a little too long since I’m sort of lacking in the legs-for-days department, so I cuffed them. I added a light colored Theory v-neck tee and for a jacket I went right for my denim Black Fleece, third in line. The jacket is a boxy style so the v-neck on the t-shirt is a better visual than a crewneck.


I like the contrast with the wash on my jeans and the dark color on my jacket. Those gold buttons are especially killing it. Also, since those stand out, I needed a more understated earring. I naturally went with my Gas Bijoux “sequin” earrings that are a tan base with a few little crystals on them. Always my go-to pair.

Jacket: Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers

Jeans: Hudson
Sneakers: Superga
T-shirt: Theory
Earrings: Gas Bijoux



  • Try denim on denim with contrasting colors. Dark jeans, light chambray top. Etc.

  • Cut yourself off at two pieces of denim. No one wants to recreate JT’s infamous VMA’s look. Hopefully. (Jacket, jeans, hat, Britney’s dress and handbag.)

  • Speaking of that, don’t coordinate your denim on denim look with your significant other’s denim on denim look. If you mention it to them and they agree, end it there. Trust me, it’s for your own good.

  • Add a printed accessory or brightly colored statement necklace. It will add an interesting element to your otherwise monochromatic look.

  • Wear it with confidence and you’ll look bangin’ no matter what.


See what you can do with this trend. It can definitely be fun and you can do so much with it! Snap a few pics and show them off your Instagrams! You can use the hashtag #StephHelpedMe or #DamnILookCool. Go for it dolls!


xx -S

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