September 14th

Outfit of the Day      

Back in New Hampshire for the weekend! I’m finally home, enjoying some fresh, fall air! So our Saturday plans consist of: homemade peach jam and toast for breakfast, searching for a few yard sales, maybe a little shopping, then later today, the ultimate fall-time New Hampshire activity- a pig roast.

Let me just be clear though, that this will be my first pig roast and after seeing it, all roasting and such, I probably won’t be able to eat it. However, I am so down for the fall attire that I am able to break out and dust off. I’m also excited for a few pumpkin beers, lots of laughs, and great company.

I brought this sequin t-shirt home with me hoping that I’d be able to find a way to wear it after having it for about two months now. Since sequins aren’t as socially acceptable outside the city, I needed to find a way to calm it down a bit. I got this chambray button-down a few weeks ago from Macy’s (on sale for less than $15!! Such a steal!) and I can’t get enough of it. For pants and shoes, I decided to stick with black since everything else is taking up a lot of the focus. I added a blue statement necklace and found this adorable hat in my mom’s closet.

T-shirt: Buffalo Exchange
Button-Down: Calvin Klein
Pants: Vince
Boots: Rag & Bone
Necklace: H&M
Hat: Saks Fifth Avenue

I will be debating keeping the sequins for the pork feast later, but until then, I’ll rock them as if I was on stage performing the show of my life.

Have a great weekend dolls!

xx -S

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