Shimp Alfredo, & Veggies

A Recipe

The other night, I had one of those what-the-heck-should-I-make-for-dinner nights. I thought about what I already had: pasta (you should always have pasta for lazy nights), a few pieces of turkey bacon from homemade weekend breakfast, and frozen shrimp.

I just needed some vegetables and cheese. My inner idea-lightbulb turned on as I thought of pasta with alfredo, veggies and shrimp. Just put it all together and boom, it’s a wonderful dinner.

I stopped at the store on the way home to grab broccoli and asparagus for veggies and some grated parmesan cheese. So once I was home, I turned a large frying pan medium-low heat. I cooked the bacon, then replaced it with the broccoli pieces and let that cook for a few. I like broccoli from a frying pan with a little bit of oil just to brown it and make it softer. I added the a-little-less-than-an-inch cut asparagus. I don’t really like asparagus but I try to eat it anyways, so the smaller the better. That’s that.

Cook the shrimp in a frying pan or however you like it; it takes about 5 or 6 minutes so do it whenever you can fit it in, even if it’s at the end since it’s nice and quick. You can also use chicken here or no meat at all if that’s what you prefer!

Cook the pasta, I used whole wheat. And now for the sauce. Pour about a cup of cream (you can use whole milk or skim, but obviously the thicker the liquid is the better it will taste) into a small sauce pan on low heat. I added some minced garlic, freshly chopped up rosemary that I had and needed to be used, and a little salt and pepper.

Next, start putting in the grated parm. I just put in a few small scoops at a time while stirring. The cheese makes the sauce nice and thick, so if you want yours to be really creamy, add a lot of cheese! I like to add different kinds of cheeses for new flavors and textures.

Alfredo sauce is seriously one of the easiest sauces you can make and it tastes sooooo much better than alfredo out of a jar. I can never go back to that now. But I’m not upset about it!

You can try this with any veggies or pastas. Rice or quinoa would be good too! Cooking is so fun because you can really make anything work together as long as you got a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for!

Now, get in your kitchen and see what you can come up with!

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xx -S

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