MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

Product of the Week

I recently ran out of my regular foundation, which was just a liquid by MAC in my usual color, NW20. I’ve gone through two bottles of it, so let’s say about 6 or 8 months-ish that I’ve been using it. A few months ago, I tried the Pro Longwear concealer, which I featured in my “Favorite Things” post way back when I first started. I love it.

Since I ran out of my foundation, I hopped on over to the MAC store to try to find Pro Longwear liquid foundation since I love the concealer so much. Sadly, the first store I went to didn’t have my color. Normally, when a store doesn’t have exactly what I want, I will vary slightly so I don’t have to leave empty handed. Like shoes, I can be anywhere from a 6.5 to an 8.5. Maybe even a 9 if I like them enough. However, when it comes to make up, I prefer to have the exact match.

I went to a second store, and they didn’t have it either! AHHH!!! At this point, I’ve been out for almost a week, using every last bit of every foundation I have left for each day. The very sweet girl at the MAC store felt my pain and gave me a free sample from their tester bottle. It lasted me until I finally found my very own bottle.

The Pro Longwear foundation is a little more expensive ($31 rather than $27), but seems to last much longer than the Studio Fix products. The description states it lasts for up to 15 hours. Perfecto.

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

To apply, I squirt (it comes with a pump top, total bonus!) one pump for each section of my face onto a triangle sponge; they come in a pack of like 20 for about $2 from any drug store. I put it on right after my moisturizer, then apply a powder over the liquid to set it. I put concealer under my eyes and anywhere else I may need it, apply some bronzer, do my eyes and I’m ready to run out the door!

I have been using the Pro Longwear foundation and concealer together everyday for a few weeks. Those, combined with a pumpkin coffee, sunshine, and my new J Brand leather jacket, I could take over the world.

What do you need to have that take-over-the-world feeling? I can’t say a great nights sleep doesn’t help too! I’m totally loving my new Pro Longwear foundation and I will certainly search high and low to get my next bottle if necessary.

Happy Wednesday!

xx -S

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