September 19th

Outfit of the Day

Yes, yes I know it’s getting colder and the trees are beginning to change. But at least I’m wearing a long dress to keep me warm! Sometimes you just need an easy outfit and today is my easy-outfit day. I had my little denim jacket on and felt that it was kind of boring. As I remember little J’s no-filter-childness telling me that my outfit was kind of boring once when I just had a cute maxi dress on, I decided I was going to go crazy and wear a scarf too.

I grabbed this very summery, brightly colored chiffon scarf. I got this guy in South Lake Tahoe, CA at a second-hand vintage store. I love the crap out of it and am currently deciding at this very moment that I don’t wear it enough. Or any scarves for that matter.

When I do wear this sweet scarf, I like to just leave it long and have it flow when I walk around. I especially love it when it gets caught in the wheels of my rolling chair at work. Just kidding, I don’t really love that. It’s kind of annoying, but I just pile it all up on my lap while I sit. And when I walk around the office, I walk a little faster just so it flows in the air as if I were on a tropical beach somewhere. Sigh.

Dress: J. Crew
Shoes: Lanvin
Scarf: Vintage
Shades: Ray-Ban
Earrings: Gas Bijoux

Here’s the awkward one for ya.

Stay warm dolls. And if you’re going to wear a scarf, I’d suggest maybe a thicker crocheted one. Because it’s getting a little cold out.

xx -S

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