More of My Favorite Things

Because I Need To Tell You!

So I did a post a while back with a few of my favorite things, and since then I have discovered a few other products that are my favorite. And now I will tell you what they are so you can get off the edge of your seat.

A few weeks ago while I was home, my mom looked at me and said in that sweet motherly voice, “Hmm, honey, ummm, what’s going on with your face?” Yes mom, I was having a little break out on my facial skin. It happens!! Stress, not enough water, not washing my face good enough, who knows why we have breakouts. But we do. And I do. So she said, “Here, try this really great Clarisonic Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser I bought at Ulta last week.” How sweet, that she’d give me her brand new face wash just because she liked it so much that she wanted me to try it! Since I have been using it for about three weeks now and my skin has gotten so clear thanks for that sweet salicylic acid potion! I use it with my Clarisonic brush and I am just obsessed with how my skin looks! Thanks Clarisonic, and more importantly, thanks mom!

Next, continuing on with the skincare thing, this really wonderful face cream. I recently discussed in another post how important it is to moisturize your face. It keeps you looking young and wrinkle-free! I’ve been really into this Erno Laszlo 3-9 Repair Cream. Yes, it’s expensive. But! It makes me feel really luxurious and makes my skin feel amazing. I put it on at night after I wash off all my make up right before bed. It literally feels like silk and look how nice and thick it is. Yum. Maybe I’ll keep on with the love and hand the rest of my jar over to my momma. Just maybe.

A new lip color I have been overly obsessed with is Scarlett Empress by NARS. I tried it for the first time like way back in March or April (I don’t remember when it came out). I couldn’t find it for the longest time; it was sold out everywhere!! No wonder why though, it’s beautiful! It’s a dark almost purpley rouge and is perfection for the FALL! Even though I’ve been wearing it since like July.. hehe. Anyways, this is my new absolute favorite. I still keep my oldie Afghan Red in my desk at work, but this Scarlett Empress might just be replacing it.

This one is not really a new favorite, but I have discovered that I cannot live without it since I forgot it when I traveled last. You never really realize how much of a routine you have until something throws you off a little. For example, try brushing your teeth with the other hand tomorrow. Impossible. So, we have ends, and they split. It happens especially when you damage your hair with heat and teased bird’s-nest-buns and sleeping on non-silk pillows. To help prevent this breakage, I use a smoothing serum every single time I wash my hair. I spray my heat protector all over while wet, then pump some of this Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum into my palm and massage into my ends. I don’t put it on the roots because it can make my hair look a tad greasy. Not down with that. Use a serum in your ends as you use water to live. Buy me more while you’re at it. Eeek!

Anything you can’t live without? Tried any of these products? Let me know what you love!

Happy Friday!

xx -S

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