Veniero’s Pasticceria & Caffe

Bakery Review

It’s Friday. A long week of work that felt like it would never end. A continuation of the work week tomorrow then starting all over again in two days. So sad, but yes I live in New York City and sometimes there are just sacrifices that need to be made. Like Saturdays.

One sacrifice that I refuse to make is what I satisfy my sweet tooth with. I discovered Veniero’s bakery from a food channel show about three years ago. I did some research and ventured to this sweet spot in the East Village with my mom and little J one winter weekend. I have since been there numerous times and have grown to love it more each time.

This time, J and I were looking for something to do other than the usual Friday night of overpriced drinks and expensive taxis. After taking a catnap and catching up on my 16 hours of missed tweets from the day, I said, “Hey, let’s go to this bakery downtown!”

So I put on my yoga pants and motorcycle boots along with a chambray button down and my red studded fringe bag, and we headed out the door to the bus. After the journey from the Upper East Side to the East Village, we finally arrive around 10:30pm or so. No surprise, there’s a wait for a table and at least 20 people in line to order takeout.

I used the wait time to scope out the delicious looking pastries and cakes from display after display of the freshly made goodies. I make my decision and finally got seated, smooshed between what appeared to be a date on either side. On one side, a young couple doing airplane swirls of chocolate cake into each other’s mouths. The other side, an older couple that look to be on a first date, discussing how long their exes have been remarried and trips to Paris they are dying to take.

I peek at the menu one last time and decide on an Autumn Something-or-other and a lobster tail. J gets a double chocolate cannoli and a triple chocolate mousse cake. Not really a fan of chocolate I guess..

All TDF. (to die for). I couldn’t get enough of my autumn treat with a bottom layer of carrot cake, a middle later of vanilla mousse and a top layer of something pumpkiny and wonderful.

If you ask me, a trip to Veniero’s is a must for anyone visiting and you especially have no excuse if you live here. It’s a darling place for a date or an after-dinner snack to make your sweet tooth the happiest part of your body. Just be prepared to not be able to leave anything on the plate and definitely try to go on an empty stomach. This is a skip dinner and eat cake kind of night.

Stay sweet dolls!

xx -S

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