September 26th

Outfit of the Day

I usually have a queue of clothing waiting to be worn, from things I recently purchased to items that I have found in the very back of my closet. These pants were in line this week, even though I wear them pretty often (and by that I mean once or twice a month). They’re so comfortable and when I know I have a tough day ahead, it is always best to keep in mind that comfort is key.


I first had a baggy t-shirt tucked into them, then decided that with the jacket it was weird because there was a lot going on. Between the print on the pants, the bagginess of the shirt, and the cropped jacket. So I went to my trusty Target tank, and luckily my last clean black one! I put my hair in a pony, and tossed on my Superga’s.


When I got to work, I felt like my sneaks weren’t quite living up to the rest of the outfit, so I changed into one of the pairs of heels under my desk. That, my friends, was a total day changer. Within five minutes in the office, I got three compliments on my outfit, and four construction workers carrying a steel beam all kindly/creepily winked and smiled as I journeyed to go get my coffee. Ew.

Jacket: T by Alexander Wang
Tank: Target
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Zara


What a difference shoes can make. You might also notice, if you follow me on instagram (go do it), that these are my new shoes from Zara!! I totally love them and if you knew the lengths I went through to get these babies, you’d probably appreciate them a lot more. My mom says they’re witch shoes, but you know what they say..

If the shoe fits.

xx -S

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