Phillip Lim x Target

Outfit of the Day

Over the last few days, well, since early last week, I have seen this colorful, somewhat floral, eye-catching print everywhere. People of all social classes, from the girl working at the vintage store down the street to one of the head honchos in my office.

If you haven’t heard already, Target does these fabulous collaborations with high profile designers once or twice a year. It offers the fashionable looks created by amazing designers at a price everyone can afford. Even people that make their own sandwiches and eat them in front of the Empire State Building.

In the most recent collaboration, Phillip Lim, of 3.1 Phillip Lim, designed a full collection for men and women, as well as bags and accessories. I heard that all Targets in the NYC area were selling out of the merchandise, and fast. I was lucky enough to find a store in New Hampshire that had just about a full size run in most styles the day after it launched on September 15th. I made it a priority to hit up Target while I was home, as I always do, and I couldn’t help myself from doing one of those awkward walk-run things over to the Phillip Lim section.

I was so excited to see what was left, expecting to find a picked-over selection. When I was able to get my size in this adorable zip-front tank and a sweet navy, flowy skirt, I was elated. My mom even scored the very last black Pashli-esque bag. Double, triple score! Though she had to swipe it from the sight of an eager, Lim-loving vulture, prancing over to the bag shelf with her eye fixed on the fab bag from across the store. She even kept circling, the way her kind does, waiting to see if we would decide against the bag and put it back on the shelf. Nope! We’re too in love! (See below, trunk display picture)

After all, we are both very pleased with out new Lim for Target purchases and cannot wait for the next collab! I, along with about 27 other ladies in my office, will prance around in our new Lim pieces, showing them off for the beauties that they are.

Top: Phillip Lim for Target
Jacket: Gap kids
Jeans: Hudson
Boots: Zara
Sunnies: Chloe

Thanks Target, and thanks Phillip. We love ya stuff!

xx -S

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