Primary Colors!

Trend Alert!

So maybe this isn’t a trend unless you have two of your friends along to complete it, but check out out use of the color wheel here! When we got into work this morning and happened to all be standing next to each other, we realized the prism we created in the room. Maybe not a prism? Ok, just the visual of being bold and beautiful.

My thought behind wearing this dress was that it’s one of my favorite summer dresses and since it’s going to be almost 90º today, I felt that it was appropriate. On that note, what is happening with this weather? I’ts stinking hot out and it’s October! HELLO MOTHER [nature]?!?!? Get with it sister! We want that sweet Fall chill that makes apple picking and other city activities (lol), like walking to the subway, enjoyable!


On Lia (left): Michael Stars
On Alex (middle): Nordstrom, Leith
On me (right): Forever 21

Bold colors are in gals. How many of your friends are brightening up your office like us today? I’m loving this! Share pics!

xx -S

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