Britt’s Blossoms

Product of the Week

Ok, I know I’ve mentioned these sweet little accessories before, but I cannot get enough (my collection above). This week’s product is dedicated to the blossom queen herself, Brittany of Britt’s Blossoms. She makes all of her blossoms right here in New York City and sells them on Etsy and at music festivals. Some have referred to her as NYC’s new favorite flower child. Though I must say, she’s always been my favorite.

I was lucky enough to meet Brittany a few months back, and since then I’ve been hooked on her blossoms. Also since then, she has sold tons of blossoms to girls, and some boys, all over the world. She even does custom orders, like my favorite blossom below. I told her I really wanted a blossom with nice fall colors that I could wear on a hay ride. She came up with this beautiful creation. It was love at first sight.

I love wearing mine as an everyday accessory. My blossoms look adorable with anything, a cute dress, jeans and a tee, I even wear them out to get drinks on the weekends. I must say I love the way people stare, in a good way though. One kind gentleman even told me that not enough girls wear flowers in their hair. I told him I agree, he tried to buy me a drink, then it got awkward. All in all, he liked my flowers and thats all that matters.

So because I love you, and Britt does too, we’re offering 10% off until until October 18th with the code… you guessed it! LetsTalkTwenties !

Click link below!

Britts Blossoms

Check out her blossoms, she has some realllllyyy amazing fall colors. And don’t forget, if you don’t see one you love, which is highly unlikely, she makes custom blossoms! She can even do them for Halloween, mermaid? princess?


Scoop one, or ten, up now while we have this sweet discount! And if you get one, don’t forget to let me know! I can’t wait to see!

Ps. follow her Instagram, she has great pictures! BrittsBlossoms, obviously.

That’s all for now BLOSSOM GIRLS! Happy Thursday!

xx -S

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