A Weekend Home

Good Old New Hampshire

My weekend began Friday afternoon around 4 when I left work, but really started around 10pm when I finally got home. I mean home home. In New Hampshire. Seeing the Welcome To New Hampshire sign is honestly one of my favorite sights. Maybe even more than the sale shoe rack. Or that color Essie nail polish I’ve been looking for everywhere.

Since it was pretty late on Friday when I got in, the night sadly came to an early end. Into little J’s bed I went; slumber parties every night when I’m home. We woke up Saturday to a sunny morning and my mom bopping around the house the way she does. Starting around 6am.

We had some toast with her fabulous homemade apple jam. Then I headed over to my aunt’s house for a little family bonding time with the cousins. After a waffle and some adult chatting, which apparently I’m now old enough to hear all the juicy things, I hopped in the car and headed back home.

As I drove my moms luxurious SUV, I couldn’t help but to think of the good old days when I used to make that drive in my 1994 Z28 Camaro. Oh how I miss that car and all the trouble [that I was able to talk my way out of] we used to get in together. It was dark green with silver racing stripes, which were obviously the coolest thing ever. Then. And looking back now, my 23 year old self would tell my 17 year old self they are tacky and I should save my money.

Anyways, the day continued with a little shopping then pumpkin picking at a farm about 30 minutes off the highway. Not that I grew up on a farm, because I didn’t, but I did grow up going apple picking in the Fall and having at least one field trip a year to a local farm. However, I would like to clear up that New Hampshire isn’t all farm land. I’ll say maybe 30% is farm and 50% is mountains. Don’t quote me on that.

For a few weeks, my mom has been raving about a glam new wine spot called Napa East, which I highly recommended. It’s a fancy, dimly lit restaurant/wine bar with purple lights and crystal chandeliers that I would not expect in the southern New Hampshire area that it’s in. We stopped there for a glass of wine, just the adults of course, and caught up on some girl talk. If I lived in NH full time, I would love to be taken on a date there. Justsaying. They have tons and tons of wine to choose from and the food looked amazing also.

Dinner on Saturday was chicken and dumplings. Not the normal kind of Asian dumplings, but the fluffy kind my mom makes with bisquick. It is the one homemade meal I requested because it’s my favorite. It’s wholesome, hearty and great for a chilly fall Saturday night. I’ll do a recipe post soon, you’ll love it. Then of course we ended the night with her homemade apple pie and non-homemade pumpkin ice cream.

Sunday started with a drizzly family walk around some local trails with spectacular foliage views. We got home and had some clam chowder that my mom had somehow whipped up in her free time that morning. I packed up all my things and headed back to the city.

Leaving New Hampshire after a weekend home is so hard. It definitely brings me back to my roots and helps me take a few minutes to smell the roses. And pine trees. Luckily my mom and little J are planning a weekend out to the city really soon so I don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to see them next! Now, back to the work grind.

Happy Monday my darlings! I hope you all had as wonderful of a weekend as I did!

xx -S

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