Coconut Shrimp

A Recipe

Lately, I have been so into coconut flavored things. Not like coconut water, but things like coconut ice cream, rice, or coffee. Pretty much any time I’m given a choice between something and coconut, those fun little nuts always win. I also like to cook with shredded coconut any chance I can get.


My favorite recipes to make with shredded coconut are chicken and shrimp because they’re quick and easy. I also love pies with chocolate and coconut, but I haven’t really had the need to make a pie recently. I also know I’d eat the entire thing myself and that wouldn’t be good for my diet.


The other night, I ventured into my cabinet to find what I could make for dinner. I spotted a bag of shredded coconut and remembered I had some frozen shrimp in the freezer. Done and done. I got out a few bowls to make the mixture for breading and one for a few eggs. Since the coconut shavings don’t really seem to stick too well alone (I know from previous experience) I added some grated parm and a few shakes of bread crumbs. I chopped up the shavings so they would be very fine and stick better and added them to the breading bowl. I cracked an egg or two into the other bowl, and poured in a little beer (aka coors light aka water) for a little more fluff.


With my third and fourth arms, I poured some oil into a frying pan and turned it on to medium heat. It’s important to get the oil nice and hot before you put the shrimp in otherwise the breading will sit in the oil and fall apart. Dip the shrimp pieces into the egg/beer to get it wet then into the breading bowl. Carefully place into the hot oil and let it cook for 2-3 minutes on each side.


When the shrimp is nice and golden brown, take them out and place on a large plate with a paper towel on it to catch the remaining oil. Serve with any vegetables of your choice, and some rice.


Another easy meal and probably pretty different than your usual shrimp recipes. If you try this and find any better ways to do it, give me some tips! I always love hearing about your creations too!


xx -S

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