October 8th

Outfit of the Day

Denim on denim. Am I killing it yet? Is it dead? I hope not. Today’s was sort of unintentional. I started with this navy, sleeveless top. It has sheer sides and buttons down the front. Since yesterday was unseasonably hot and humid, I had no idea what to expect for today. I figured a sleeveless top with a jacket was the way to go.


Since my top is dark, I thought lighter pants would be fitting. I love these acid washed AG’s, they help me channel my inner 80’s. Fun fact- in 9th grade, Mr. Torrisi told me every day that I looked like I should be living in the 80’s. Maybe it was my naturally curly (perm-looking) hair. Nonetheless, thank you AG for proving Mr. T. right. I do, in fact, wish I lived in the 80’s. It seems like it was a magical time.


As I ran out the door, I remembered it was a bit chilly on my Central Park walk early this morning and that I should probably grab a jacket. The denim Gap Kids jacket was hanging on the back of my door- boom. Denim on denim. It’s like I’m mistakenly trendy. But, is it really a mistake? No, it’s natural.


Another sister who happens to be down with the d-on-d trend is Miss Jenn. Let me introduce you all to her. Friends, this is Jenn. Jenn, these are my friends. Jenn loves to be over-the-top in her appearance and if you ever talk to her, you’ll know that more is never enough with her. However, it isn’t a bad thing. It’s what makes Jenn, well Jenn. And we love it!


Jenn’s look:

Shirt and Jeans: Express

Shoes: Tory Burch


My look:

Jacket: Gap Kids

Top: H&M

Jeans: Adriano Goldschmied

Boots: Zara

Bag: Gucci



If you guys aren’t on this yet, you should be! Denim is a perfect way to transition into the colder weather. I might need an adult size jacket with longer sleeves at some point though.. share your pictures on Instagram!


xx -S

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