Lush Cosmetics: Catastrophe Cosmetic

My Favorite Face Mask

Hi friends! This week’s product of the week is brought to you by Lush Cosmetics. If you are fortunate enough to have a store near you, do yourself a favor and take advantage of it. Stop in, try a few products, maybe even buy a few.


Luckily for me, a store recently opened a few blocks away from me! I stopped in last week to check it out and was very pleased. First off, the aroma of the store is a reason enough to visit and the sales associates are so helpful in finding you the products that work for you. A+ for customer service!


I was in the market for a new face mask. I wandered over to the bowls of colorful, muddy-looking masks and began the toughest task of the day: choosing which mask to try. I don’t really have any serious skin problems that I wanted to focus on; I just wanted a rejuvenating, make-me-look-five-years-younger kind of product. Don’t we all.


The mask that spoke to me is called Catastrophe Cosmetic and is made with fresh blueberries (look at those chunks!). The description stated that it is one of their best-selling masks because it is gentle enough for all skin types and is deep cleansing. As we all know, blueberries are packed with anti-oxidants and do wonders for your skin. This mask is also made with a calamine powder base which is what creates the soothing feel when you use it.


To use it, I like to shower to steam my skin, or at least wash my face with warm water at night. Get all your make up off and start with clean skin. Pat your face dry, and apply the mask to your entire face. Obviously don’t put it in your eyes or mouth. Let it sit for about 10 minutes or so, then wash it off with a moist warm cloth.


Finish off with a creamy, night-time moisturizer and you’ll be fresh-faced for the early morning ahead of you!


Lush has tons of masks to choose from. You keep them in the refrigerator and I usually get about four or five uses from one pot. It stays good for a few weeks and the best part: it costs $6.95. This is by far one of the best, and least expensive, masks you can find. I can’t wait to try the other kinds Lush offers!

Though they’re only offered in store, check out the link below to see what other masks Lush offers! You can see what kind of mask would be a perfect fit for you!

Lush Cosmetics

Try them out and let me know what you think!

xx -S

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