Cinnamon Stick Candles

A Craft

Last night I was lying in bed and the craft mood struck me like golden bolt of lightning. I hopped up and began searching my apartment looking for supplies. I saw cinnamon sticks that were out on my counter from making warm apple cider and an unlit, brand new, sweet smelling vanilla candle. One thing led to another..


Let me start by saying, if you have a glue gun, use it. If you’re like me and have to put out a search and rescue team to try to find my glue gun, then use string. For about a month now, my glue gun has been MIA. I have looked high and low for this thing and I cannot find it anywhere. I’m guessing it’s somewhere with my David Yurman bracelet lost in space. Or Bermuda.


I first tried this with a tall candle, hoping it would look nice since the tall candle is a dark color. It didn’t work. It looked weird with the height and by the time the warmth from the fire would get to the cinnamon sticks I’d probably be writing for Let’s Talk Thirties. Ek. So I found a shorter candle, in my candle box (doesn’t everyone have one of those?) and started all over.


Since my glue gun is hiding from me, I had to come up with another way to get these sticks to stick. Pun. I tied the string loosely around the candle and began inserting the sticks. I adjusted the string as needed until it was tight and there were cinnamon sticks all the way around the candle. I used almost the whole container of sticks, so if you plan on making a few of these you might want to get a few containers.

I tied another piece of string, I wrapped it about three times, just for double security. I probably can’t relocate this guy now or all the sticks will fall out. And until I find my glue gun, well this is just going to have to do.


When I lit the candle, Randall (named after my new Loeffler Randall at the time) was so excited to have something else pretty to look at. I’m not sure if fish can smell, but I hope if he can that he loves the smell of cinnamon vanilla as much as I do.


I picture this festive candle arrangement as part of a center piece around the holidays. A couple of white or red candles, different heights, on a gold tray with white rocks placed around the bottom. Oh! Maybe even glittery candles! The possibilities are endless. But you can bet your bottom that I will for sure have a few of these guys at my Autumn Party next week!


Good luck with this one, please do yourself a favor and use a glue gun!


xx -S

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