October 11th

Outfit of the Day

A proposed rainy day in New York City calls for my cutest hat to keep the humidity from getting to my locks and my new Gentle Fawn camouflage jacket. It’s finally cold enough to wear this treasure, and in case you haven’t noticed on the streets, camo is back. And it’s hitting hard. Well, maybe not that hard yet, but it will be!


My favorite pants in high school were camouflage cargo pants from Abercrombie & Fitch. They came with a double-wrap belt with little mother of pearl shells on it. I wore these to death. Literally. One day in 10th grade social studies class, I felt that the seat was colder than usual when I sat down. Come to find out that it’s not really colder, I just felt it because there was a slit right below my rear that went horizontally from the inner seam to the outer seam. What fun that was.


I have since been heartbroken as camouflage was already out when I was still wearing these and I couldn’t find a suitable replacement. That is, until now! Yay for camo! Also, yay for Gentle Fawn for creating this faux-leather embellished jacket. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.


As for the rest of the outfit, I went against the rules and wore dark blue pants with a black top. I was feeling pretty crazy when I got dressed this morning, but I felt like it worked with the black shoes included. The earrings add just enough to the outfit to make it look spectacular with or without the jacket and hat!


Jacket: Gentle Fawn

Top: James Perse

Pants: Zara

Hat: Saks Fifth Avenue

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Earrings: Gas Bijoux


Happy Friday kiddos, and don’t let this rain ruin your parades!

xx -S

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