October 14th

Outfit of the Day

This weekend turned out to be absolutely beautiful! Looks like Mother Nature finally decided to work with me. It was a bit chilly, but as those crazy Fall days go, it’s pretty warm when the sun is out and freezing when it goes down. So for a day that I couldn’t make up my mind, I decided on this one-sleeve maxi dress. Best of both worlds. I love the fabric of all Rachel Pally dresses, and this one is no different. It hangs wonderfully and makes me feel like the goddess that I am.


I added a belt and folded the dress over for a little dimension to the otherwise plain dress and decided a ponytail was better suited for the look. Also, this amazing silver, multicolored feather necklace finishes the look off perfectly! Sometimes you just need to take a few selfies, and what better time than a day that you’re feelin’ great!


Get the look:

Rachel Pally dress

Gas Bijoux necklace + earrings

Ray-Ban sunglasses
Chloe bag
H&M belt

Happy Monday!

xx -S

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