That’s Offensive

Kind of..

We’re working on teaching little J about manners and how to not say offensive things aloud even if she’s thinking them. Like telling my mom that she sounds like a dog as she pants while climbing up my last flight of stairs. Offensive. Or that my plain black maxi dress is too boring for a day of shopping. Slightly less offensive, but I appreciate her honesty?


As we waited for the subway to head to Little Italy for dinner on Saturday, little J stared at me for a few minutes with a confused look on her face. Then she blurted out, “that jacket makes you look like Frankenstein.” Offensive. Though children sometimes question things they’ve never seen before, and my style is certainly on that list, I didn’t really take offense to it. Especially coming from my sister since she loves when I dress her.


On the other hand, when my older sister, H, said to my mom, “Hey mom! Look at that fat guy!” at the tender age of 3, he probably took offense to it. But when a child says things like that, especially an adorable one, is it easy to brush it off and remember kids just don’t know when to not say certain things? I doubt it.

I always think it’s humorous when I’m that fool smiling and waving to a baby on the subway then the child simply looks away. Doesn’t want a damn thing to do with me. But if that were an adult waving and smiling to a co-worker on the subway, it would be rude.


Where’s the line? I’d say right around 10. So after that one little J, I will be offended. But not when it comes to how I look because one day you, too, will experiment with clothing and make up. Until then, I will dress like monsters, wear dark red lipstick if I choose, and heels with a casual outfit because I can.


Wouldn’t trade her for the world, even if I saw her everyday so she could offend my outfit choice.


Keep it up kid, you’re lucky you’re so stinking cute!

Get the look:
Calvin Klein by Bergdorf Goodman vintage jacket
Zara fringe top
AG jeans
Chloe bag
Armed & Readi necklace
H&M boots

xx -S

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