Homemade Picture Magnets!

A Craft

Guess what’s in a little over two months. MY BIRTHDAY!!! Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself a tad. But Christmas is also in a little over two months and now is the time to start making your gift list. No, not the one of gifts you want! The one of gifts you’re getting your friends and family! If you’re stumped for that one cousin or good friend, look no further!


One day, I was a Staples. I had a coupon for $10 off, but I had to spend $20. Normally this wouldn’t be very hard for me considering they have papers and stickers galore. But for some reason, that day I was in a little funk. So I went ahead and bought all kinds of magnets. At the time, I had no idea what I was going to do with them. I purchased them, it bill came to about $11 (score!). When I got home, the magnets sat on my to-do craft shelf for about two months. Not to mention the fact that my glue gun is still missing and has halted all crafting.



So the other day when I was cleaning for my Fall Party (which is tonight!!!!), I discovered that these business card shaped magnets have an adhesive side! I didn’t realize that when I purchased them, in my magnet frenzy. So I used one of my business cards and one pictures I had of my sisters and me. I had a little extra room on the sister magnet, so I stuck some pink ribbon to it!


This is seriously the easiest craft if you’re looking for a gift for anyone. Use pictures of you and your friends, family, flowers, shoes, whatever you’d like!


Keep it in mind for birthdays and Christmas! Simple, inexpensive, and super creative! I promise anyone will love this!

xx -S

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