October 21st

Outfit of the Day

It’s looking like today might be one of the last of these beautiful Fall days before the cold comes barreling in. And of course there’s no better time than the present to wear sequins.

If you’re not sure how to wear sequins, go basic and pair it with some denim and a statement necklace. I love the denim look, as you may know, and it’s the easiest way to wear something that is difficult to match. So I say, go for the gold! And I’d say this outfit wins for the most awkward faces; you should see the ones I didn’t add..


Most heard phrase of the day: “Steph, you’re so sparkly today!” I don’t hate it!


Get the Look:

Buffalo Exchange top

Gap Kids jacket

AG jeans

Zara shoes
H&M necklace

Shine on dolls and HAPPY MONDAY!

xx -S

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