Coconut Oil + Hair = Euphoria

So I read up on this last week and I’ve been dying to try it. All I needed was a night that it fit into my schedule with a laundry day coming up. And I say that so I can wash my pillow cases stat.

I’m talking about a coconut oil hair mask! Have you heard of this? Well, if you haven’t, you gotta get on it! The coconut oil a lot of people are now cooking with has another use too; making your hair look and feel fabtabulous! Thank my momma for that word.

Basically all I did was, with my hair dry, put some coconut oil in a small bowl. I used maybe a half a cup to a cup. Let me add in here that I bought this jar in the summer when my kitchen was around 150 degrees and the oil melted from being on my counter. I had to keep it in my refrigerator so it would stay hard and then it became too hard to cook with. Now, the perfect use!
Back to the hair. I melted it a little, but careful not to fully melt it or it will become hard to work with. I clipped half of my hair up and began putting the oil on my hair one chunk of hair at a time.

I continued this, then did the top of my hair. I made sure to get the hair around my face and my ends especially because those are the places that get the most damage and need the most nourishment.

You can leave this in for however long you want. I figured I’d get the most of it and leave it in overnight. To sleep, I put it in a top knot and secured it with a few bobby pins. And to make sure I didn’t completely cover my sheets and such, I tied a dish towel around my head. But if you don’t feel like leaving this in overnight, I’m sure half an hour or so will do the trick.

When you feel that your time is done, go ahead and wash your hair and style as usual! I shampooed three times, but I think twice would have been enough. Also, please be careful when washing it out in the shower, the oil gave my shower an unpleasant slick coating and I almost wiped out a few times.
Your hair will feel like a million bucks. Even better, it smells amazing! Just close your eyes and pretend the coconut you smell is a frozen piña colada in your hand and that you’re on a tropical beach.
Enjoy your silky smooth locks beauties!

xx -S

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