Quick Halloween Costume!

This year, being that Halloween is on a Thursday, it kind of throws me off. Do we celebrate the weekend before? After? On Thursday and call out of work on Friday? Certainly not the last option because we’re adults and drinking so much that you’re hungover is not a good look.

If you went out last weekend, and plan to go out again, chances are good you might have a few different costumes. Last minute plans with no costume? Join the club. I planned on being an Indian originally. I pretty much finished making my costume. Something came over me and I just wasn’t into it anymore. I don’t want to go all out on a costume that I’ll be wearing after Halloween. What fun is that?
After some serious thought, I decided I’d be the Pink Panther. Well, this is my second costume. My first is J.Lo for work on Halloween (we’re all being celebrities). Pink Panther will come out for the weekend, so stay tuned for pictures on my Instagram!
I pretty much decided that I’m too old to be baring my midriff, and figured I’d go the adult route and wear long pants with a jacket. Booo. When did this happen?? See below for my last costumes!
When I was searching for cat ears, I could not find any that met my standards. They were mostly black, which they can’t be if I’m the Pink Panther. Or they were pink with black leopard stops. Some had black feathers. No. Thank. You.
The only option left was to make my own. And let’s be real, this is what I knew I was going to be doing the whole time.

F and I journeyed over to a local craft store and picked up a sheet of pink felt and some pink feathers for my tail. I cut four pieces of the shape of the ears to be two double sided ears. I glued them together and stuck them onto a stiff headband (and by that I mean not an elastic headband). Add some finishing details and my Pink Panther ears are finished!

I can’t wait to see all of your costumes and I know that these ears will fit my costume perfectly! If you want to check out my Instagram pictures, click the link up there to the right with the little camera icon! Be sure to follow and be even more sure to subscribe to my blog life! But don’t do it if you hate contests and hate really awesome prizes.

Happy Halloween babies!

xx -S

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