Letting Go

There comes a time in every girl’s life where she has to decide to let go. Sometimes its letting go of an old pair of jeans, a ratty torn dress, a favorite pair of boots. Other times its a frying pan, or an eye shadow, or a pillow.
Though it can be tough to know when to let go, sometimes you just know it’s time. Those jeans. They have ripped knees that expose you to the world, the color is faded and they just don’t make you feel great when you wear them like they used to. Maybe they’re too small and give you a serious muffin top. No one likes that. Not even the baggy sweater you wear to cover it up.
Clean out your make up bin. Recently, since I have turned my everything-desk into my new office space, I’ve had to find new homes for my drawers full of makeup, nail polishes, sunglasses, papers and lotions. It was hard to decide what I just simply don’t need anymore; my mom told me if I haven’t used it since I’ve lived in my apartment, throw it away. Solid advice. My life feels lighter and getting ready is much easier knowing I only have the makeup I actually use.
Knowing when it’s time can be one of the most important things in life. When the time comes to let go of those boots with a hole in the heel, you need to accept that you’ll find another pair you are just as obsessed with, maybe even more obsessed. They’ll be more comfortable, better looking, and probably have some kind of foreign accent. In the leather. Like fading and such, ya know.
Do yourself a huge favor, let go of everything you no longer need. Do a clean out of your cabinets, shelves, drawers, closet. Donate what you just simply don’t need and throw away what you can’t donate. No one wants that almost-gone bottle of You Don’t Know Jacques OPI.
If it doesn’t need you, then you don’t need it! Let’s start a new month with a new outlook and a wonderful excitement about the approaching holiday season!!
Happy Tuesday!
xx -S

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