We’re a Happy Family. OOTD

I guess you could say I was a little distracted this morning when I was getting dressed. I have to leave my apartment in the 7th hour of the morning to make it to work for an early meeting. Apparently my head was subconsciously in my inner child, getting anything yet?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s big. And Purple. And a Dinosaur. Yes, my color palette slightly resembles everyone’s favorite big purple dinosaur, Barney. And F was ever so kind to point that out on our way to Starbucks this morning. My reaction..
As we refer to my new vintage Dior jacket as now being Barney purple, I still love it and you can’t blame a girl for trying to add a little color to my otherwise all-black wardrobe, right? You might also notice that my jacket matches the skirt in my last outfit post. Best way to wear a vintage 80’s suit is separately. Make a note.

Get the Look:
Christian Dior vintage jacket
Gap tee
Zara jeans and boots
Gas Bijoux earrings
Have a happy happy Wednesday. And remember, I love you and you love me!
xx -S

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