Britt’s Blossoms-Holiday Gift Guide

For those of you who know me, you for sure know I’m not the typical rave girl. I know, shocking. Though Britt’s Blossoms are amazing for festivals, I am the kind of flower child that adores wearing flowers on my head in my room. When I dance. And drink wine. Or when I’m casually sitting in Central Park.
When I got my very first blossom, I could not wait to wear it. I planned an entire outfit around it a week in advance. The big event? A champagne filled Sunday brunch. The perfect place for my new blossom to make it’s debut.
So what I bring to you is these sweet headbands, encrusted with beautiful little flowers. Wear them to raves, or if you’re super cool like me, wear them to eat breakfast and drink mimosas.
I seriously love my blossoms and the weekend is generally my favorite blossom time. I wear them with yoga pants and moto boots, a cute dress or at night when I go out. People always say they love them and ask about them. But more often, people just stare at me until I thank them for their nonverbal compliment.
Britt is kindly offering us 15% off with the code LTTHoliday at checkout until December 12th. I know you guys have seen them in the past and wondered if a blossom would look good on you; the answer is yes, they look great on everyone.
Now is the time to buy them for your holiday parties, birthday, and more importantly, a gift for your best friend! And at an average price of $15, totally affordable!

 I’m thinking this pink one for my birthday, which is conveniently right after Christmas. Wink, wink.

Happy shopping loves!

xx -S

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