Fairy Garden Kit- Holiday Gift Guide

Remember when you were a child and everything was magical? There was the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, and anything was possible. Try to imagine going back to that time when everything was exciting, no matter how big or small. Getting a new Barbie, or race car, or even hair clips and it was the most wonderful thing!

Think of going back there and bringing your daughter, niece, or cousins there too, where they can be creative and imaginative. This adorable Fairy Garden Kit allows them to experience all kinds of magical feelings. It comes with a fairy, mystical fairy dust, a table and fence to decorate, and beads to create a treasure to makes wishes on.

These fairy kit’s are adorable in gardens, play rooms, or even on a windowsill. They are for little ladies of all ages (with a parent for any princess under 6!) and make any birthday or Christmas so special. Each kit comes with different pieces to build your fairy’s home so each one is unique.

Check out Jazmyn’s Closet on Etsy at the link below. Enter code LetsTalkTwenties at check out for 20% off! Kids- check!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

xx -S

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