Armed & Readi- Holiday Gift Guide

You know that feeling, when you have something new and can’t wait to wear it? Then, when you do wear it, more people compliment you than you even see in one day? The. Best. Feeling. And that feeling arises every time I wear any of my Armed & Readi jewels.

We’ve all heard the story of the college-aged girls that decided they love fashion and jewelry enough to start a business. Unfortunately, the dream often fades out pretty quickly, but these two girls have entrepreneurial outlooks like no others and are becoming more successful every day. Armed & Readi has been around for a few years now, and since the girls graduated from Quinnipiac University, it has only gotten bigger. They are now doing everything from hosting jewelry parties to selling their merchandise at college fairs.

I was even lucky enough to attend one of their Sip and Shop parties. It was a fabulous time and the hardest part of the evening was picking which necklace I loved more. However, I’m still very satisfied with my choice. I mean choices..

The best, best, best part about Armed & Readi, other than the jewelry itself, is the prices! Every time I wear my gems, my ladies ask where/when/howmuch it is and where they can find it. 

Well gals, I have news for you. You can find it at the link below. Not only that, but when you enter Holiday13, you get 15% off!

Get yourselves something sweet, and a few gifts while you’re at it!

xx -S

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