Melsy’s Illustrations – Holiday Gift Guide

As some of you may know, I have recently renovated my apartment. Only very slightly- when I say renovated, I mean that I moved my make up off my desk and put my computer there to make it a work space. It’s a pretty big deal though and I’m really excited about it. I feel like I have a whole new apartment and I love working at my new space.

The only problem was that when I decided to change things up, I took all my old pictures down off my wall around my desk. I felt that a clean, white space was best for staying focused and calm. It worked out for about 20 minutes. The lack of pretty things to look at started to make me crazy. I hopped online to find some new pictures to hang. Thankfully, I came across these beautiful hand-drawn pictures by Melsy’s Illustrations. They are absolutely stunning.

With prices ranging from $15 for a 5×7 to $40 for 11×14, these are totally affordable to decorate my newfound white space. Melsy’s does such cute fashion inspired drawings of girls that tell different stories, amazing Louboutins (my fave), and Chanel everything. If you think these describe your interests, please do yourself a favor and check them out. You need at least 5. Or 15.

They make amazing gifts for your bff (find one of the gals that looks like her!), sisters, coworkers, pretty much any gals you know with a flair for fashion! I plan to expand my collection and hang the Chanel perfume and pearls in my bathroom and the sweet dresses all around my room. These little things are so stinking cute and I hope that anyone looking for a gift to buy me will check these out! Wink, wink!

Melsy’s is offering us 20% off with the code MELSYS2013 until Jan. 1st! Browse her site at the link below and get them now while you can; there are so many more adorable pictures! She even does custom illustrations! Love these as gifts for all your girlfriends and sisters!

xx -S

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