Bittle-D – Holiday Gift Guide

Imagine starting a business with your sister, your best friend. You get to have business meetings around the dinner table and share new ideas while you’re chatting on the phone everyday. Well, this is a story about two gals who both have names that start with a D- Dorothy and Danielle, Big D and Little D. Next up, you’ve guessed it, Bittle-D is the name of this fabulous organic t-shirt company.

Started by two sisters who both have a pashun 4 fashun, Bittle-D has witty and hilarious t-shirts that are embellished with sweet rhinestones and colorful designs. When I think about wearing these tees, I imagine hanging around with my girlfriends sharing a few glasses of wine or out at a ladies brunch.

Priced around $20 each, these adorable tees are great as gifts for your best girlfriends or even better, your sisters. Scoop a few up and have a laugh together. These two are my favorite, I think they go hand in hand, no?

Take a looksie at their website and knock a few gifts off your list!

Happy holiday shopping loves!

xx -S

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