I Have A Confession.

Some of you might know that a few weeks ago, I was in a serious pickle; I could not get into my apartment for the life of me. I had finally gotten home from a long day of work followed by a weekly grocery shopping sesh. I walked up all my stairs and went to open the door to my apartment. Jammed.

I tried to not panic. My door is a little offset from the fire department having to break open the door long before I lived there. So it gets a little stuck sometimes and I have to really slam it to lock it. Well, apparently this day I didn’t slam it hard enough when I was leaving. Or so I thought.

My mom was at a wedding and I couldn’t get in touch with her for her words of wisdom. All of my local friends were either out of town or miles away in Brooklyn, etc. So I had to fend for myself. I tried the old credit card trick. No luck.

I called the city help line to see if there was anything they could do. They said maybe call the police station and see if someone was around my area. I called, the rude lady said “Hunny, we don’t do dat kinda thang.” And hung up. Now I need to also add that I am not a crier. The only thing that makes me cry is tequila. But that this point, I was becoming hysterical.

Finally my mom calls as I was going into the third hour of sitting on my stairs with my groceries. My hands are blistered and red. My eyes are puffy.

She convinced me to get up and mess with the lock one more time hoping I could align it to unjam it. I stick my key in the lock and turn it to the lock position. When it doesn’t turn, I sob even harder… and turn it to the unlock position.

The damn thing was just locked the whole time. I am so used to doing things my way that when one little thing changed my usual flow, I panicked. It took me almost a week to finally tell my mom that it was locked and I have yet to tell anyone else until now.

Hopefully you will get a little humor out of this as I am now able to, a month later. When something doesn’t go your way, take a moment to reassess the problem and find a new way to solve it that doesn’t include destroying all your credit cards and eye makeup.

Happy Monday

xx -S

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