Girl’s Night Out!

Girl’s Night Out calls for my highest red-soled heels, matching lipstick, and a big shoulder jacket. I wore this outfit to work, and changed my shoes to make it more suited for nighttime. Of course, I made sure our night included many cabs and plenty of comfy seating.

Since this jacket is relatively oversized, I made sure the overall appearance of it is offset by wearing a fitted shirt and tight jeans with it. Otherwise, there could be a fashion disaster if a cute guy and I show up somewhere wearing the same outfit. I’ll stick with my skinnies and heels. 

It’s best to keep jewelry simple when wearing a statement piece, such as my favorite jacket. To make this look a bit more feminine, I add my go-to earrings, simple pearl studs.

Get the Look:
Vintage Christian Dior jacket
Uniqlo shirt
AG jeans
Christian Louboutin heels
Rag & Bone boots

Have a wonderful Monday and don’t forget, 20% off Etsy with code LTTBLACKFRIDAY ends today!

xx -S

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