Statement Scarves and Jeans

If you ask me what my favorite accessory is, most of the time I will say a scarf. There are those other times that I might have just purchased an amazing necklace or bag and, most likely at the time, that will be the answer to your question. But, I do love my scarves. Especially one that makes a statement.

When I got dressed this morning, I was aiming for a casual I-don’t-know-what-to-wear look. And boom, you got it. A black l/s Vince top with blue jeans and moto boots. I threw on my jacket and grabbed a fun scarf on my way out the door.

My only problem: as soon as I took off the scarf, my outfit went back to basics. At least I can hang my scarf on my chair and still have it make a statement when I’m inside the office.

Get the look:
Vince tee
Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers jacket
True Religion jeans
Zara boots
Zara scarf
Let’s Talk Twenties Etsy necklace (click me!)

What kind of a statement is your look making today? Any favorite statement pieces? Comment below and let me know!

xx -S

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