Not-Your-Average Oatmeal Breakfast

This morning, a hearty and healthy breakfast was in order for a work day beginning at 7am. And a rainy one at that. Since I need every ounce of sleep I can get, I needed something quick, too. What better meal to celebrate Monday than a warm bowl of oatmeal!?

I put apples in everything I possibly can, oatmeal included. I dice it up real small and add it to the cooked oatmeal, which I’m assuming you already know how to cook. I also like putting some kind of nut, or something of that nature, in my oatmeal. I had some sunflower seeds in my cabinet, so I added those! Walnuts, pecans, etc will do as well.

To finish off my breakfast, I sprinkled a little ground cinnamon on it to give it my favorite childhood flavor. I used to have those little bear and astronaut cinnamon and sugar shakers. Anyone with me??

Happy Monday sweeties!


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