Upper West Side Journey Outfit

I spent this past Sunday exploring the wonders of the Upper West Side. I found myself gallivanting from shop to shop, in search of a superb new thrift store or tiny, side-street boutique. What I have in store for you are some amazing finds that will be posted within the next few days on our Etsy page!

So what does one wear during an Upper West Side gallivanting trip? Just take a look below!

Mind you that since it was quite chilly, I also had a long sleeve tee and a cashmere cardigan underneath this ombre wool jacket. In addition to my cozy Knittorious scarf, I wore my gorg Skull Cashmere fingerless gloves. Perfection.

And just in time, the snow began to fall..

Get the Look:
BB Dakota jacket
Knittorious scarf
J Brand jeans
Skull Cashmere gloves
Zara boots
Target backpack

Anything you’d change to this look or something you love? Holla down below! And don’t forget to subscribe!

Ps. I’m announcing another contest this week, you wouldn’t want to miss it!

xx -S

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