Luscious Curly Locks

My favorite feedback is requests to see more things. Other than the usual “I love you blog”- I’ll take that too. Recently, I received a request to do a tutorial on how I curl my hair. Though I had to get up extra early, I wanted my to fulfill my responsibility as your favorite blogger.

I find that curling my hair works best on day-old hair. To achieve this, but make sure it doesn’t get greasy, I wash it at night then sleep on it. I blow dry it with a big round brush before bed and I let my silk pillowcases do what they’re there for-make my hair silky smooth. Highly recommended, great for your hair!

In the morning, I straighten just the very front of my hair to make it look how I want. I’m careful to only do the roots (about two inches or so) otherwise straightening your hair will make the curls not hold as well.

I repeat- do not straighten your hair before you curl it! What I think of when people do this, its like letting ice cream melt then refreezing it. It just isn’t the same. So don’t do it.

I start by taking my hair in sections. Decide how curly your want your hair. The smaller the sections, the smaller and tighter the curls. I like to take a small piece of my hair, maybe an inch by an inch of hair.

Start the curl about hair way down the section leaving the end out of the curling iron. Roll it up and curl the the top half of the section, leave it for about 20 seconds then move the iron down and curl up the bottom half all the way back up to your roots.

I like to leave about an inch or so out of the bottom. Firstly, because who wants to kill their ends even more. Secondly, because I think it looks nicer when the curl stops right before the end. To each his own.

Continue this all around your head. I separate my hair into the top half and the bottom half. I only use hair spray once I’m finished with the bottom half then the top half. I don’t spray before I curl, because again, I feel like it kills my hair. 

Once I’m finished, I don’t usually shake it out since my commute breaks up my curls enough! If all you do is hop in a car and move your head to sip on your coffee, then you might want to break the girls up.

So that’s all I do to curl my hair! I use Sebastian hairspray to block out the humidity and hold the curls at a medium level. Please ask any questions below and let’s see your curly curls!

Happy Tuesday!

xx -S

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