Make Up For Ever Duo Mat

Last week, I strolled into Sephora looking for something new and exciting. I needed a powder foundation because I couldn’t get any more use out of the thing; that silver bottom was fully exposed. I browsed around, trying a few things on the back of my hand. This and that.

I didn’t want to get the same brand I usually use; being adventurous and open-minded is my new thing to. Why not, right? I stumbled upon the Make Up For Ever section and scanned their products.

With the price tag for their powder foundation being about $10 less than my usual brand (still at $35), I figured I’d pick it up and see what the back of my hand thought. Needless to say, we agreed it was the one. I chose the DUO MAT in color 200 based on my hand’s advice and it worked out pretty well.

I use this after my liquid foundation to set it. Also, it provides more coverage and leaves me a bit less oily than using just a liquid. I really like this product because I can tell that it does what it advertises- foundations my face.

So if you find yourself at Sephora looking for something to buy, head on over the Make Up For Ever. Check out their products, I highly recommend! I can’t wait to see what other products they have that I haven’t discovered yet!

Any Make Up For Ever suggestions? What are you girls using?? Let me know babes!

By the way, today at noon, one of my subscribers / instagram followers will be chosen as the winner for those gorgeous vintage pearl earrings and a fab NARS nail polish. Make sure you subscribe and follow us!

Happy Wednesday!

xx -S

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