Fabulous Party Outfit

Yet another party. But I can’t complain, especially in Max Mara! That would be selfish.. parties are a wonderful excuse to dress all kinds of fancy.

This skirt can be a bit tough to wear because it tends to look the opposite of casual. The dark grey and beige together create a beautiful contrast. I thought the mustard yellow would compliment both well. The silk top with the sheen in the skirt are quite on point if I do say so myself!

The burnt orange boots with the green scarf are the focal point with my jacket on. I love the colors together. So often, people say they don’t know what to wear unique colors with and that’s why they stay neutral. Honestly, I wear everything together. I’ve got a mustard yellow tank, green scarf, orange boots, and neutral jacket and skirt. 

Get the look:
Max Mara vintage skirt
Elizabeth and James top
Zara boots
Calvin Klein vintage jacket
Knittorious scarf

Casually chatting with my momma in her vintage Dior sweater and silk scarf from Saks Fifth Avenue. Now you see where I get my looks from!

Happy weekend! 

Ps. My birthday is Sunday! Just shoot me an email if you need an address to send my flowers 🙂

xx -S

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