NYC Days

To me, New Year’s day is the perfect kind of day. There are very few people out and about and most stores are closed so there’s no temptation to shop. I just got a new camera for Christmas and I decided it was a great day to go out and play with it!

I started in Central Park and figured I’d venture down to Times Square to see what was going on there. Normally, I do anything necessary to avoid Times Square, but I felt like being touristy with my camera and what better place to go take tourist pictures?

My favorite part about the day was the wedding I stumbled upon in the park. It was so intimate and sweet. I stopped and listened to the vows along with a few other passersby. The bride and I made eye contact for a second and the expression on her face was so joyful. 

Cheers to the beginning of the best year of your life! Only 364 pages left to write in your book, make them count!

xx -S

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