Remaking Your Jewelry

A couple of years ago, I put my life’s savings (at the time, it was not really enough to be considered a life’s savings) towards a really special treat for myself. I loved, and still do love, Chanel. Anything and everything. When I see those two C’s hugging each other, I get a warm fuzzy feeling in my belly.

I had found the perfect pair. Studs, that were a gunmetal color with silvery stones (see “my bun is too tight” picture below). I loved them so so much. However, I didn’t wear them as much as I should have. Had I known that our time together would have been so short, I would have worn them day and night. I let my mom borrow them one time while she was visiting and decided she could take them home until I saw her next.

Last Christmas (a year ago), I was making my journey back from New Hampshire to New York City, Chanel earrings back perfectly in place. I had about four bags with me filled with Christmas and birthday presents. A pasta maker, a sewing machine, all kinds of clothes, pans, towels, etc. I did fine the whole way. On the train, into a cab. Finally, we made it through the slushy snowstorm that was brewing and I was in front of my apartment building.

I hopped out of the cab started gathering all my bags. The driver started huffing at me because he felt that I was taking too long. I tried to hurry along, throwing my bags over my shoulder, overwhelmed and trying to keep myself dry from the wet rain/snow that was pummeling me. Suddenly, my bracelet got hooked on my earring while putting another bag on my shoulder and ripped the darn thing out!

Luckily, the back slid right off and no damage was done to my ear. My heart, on the other hand, stopped beating for an entire Chanel minute. I prayed and pleaded that my beloved earring had just fallen into my A-line puffer coat and that I would retrieve it when I got upstairs. I payed the grumpy man and he went on his way.

I got up to my apartment and searched relentlessly. I found the back in my scarf, the two hugging C’s, though, would be gone forever. I search for hours outside with my cellphone flashlight, in the inches of slush and freezing cold. I waited a few days, periodically checking every time I was outside, until the snow melted and checked again. To this day I still check for my poor, lonely earring. The road has even since been paved. Maybe it got stuck in the little crack of a drain grid! I mean, one can dream, no?


The reason I tell you this story was, well, to tell you that up until a few weeks ago, I only had one Chanel earring. My mom felt horrible, being that it was pretty much her fault that I lost it because she was borrowing them, and she had me send her the single C’s. For my birthday, she had the earring made into a custom ring to perfectly fit my finger!

She was very specific to tell the jeweler not to cover the little plaque on the back of the earring. He made a customized ring with a split just to make this possible. Also, it makes it less likely to get caught on things..hmphhh!

So now ladies and gentlemen, if you ever lose an earring, don’t give up! Do something fabulous with it and make it a custom piece that you know no one else will ever have! I am so ecstatic to be one with my hugging C’s again. Thanks momma, best birthday present ever!

xx -S

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