Five Hair Styles For Second-Day Hair

It’s Tuesday morning. You’re having the most wonderful dream about meeting an amazing man that’s swept you off your feet and you will do anything to sleep just a few minutes longer to see what happens. Then your alarm goes off for the fifth time and you sleepily realize it’s 8:00. You think %&@#*! I don’t have time to wash my hair!

No worries my babies! There are plenty of fabulous hair styles that you can do in less than 5-ish minutes! Just clean yourself up and get ready for a great hair day!

Since my hair is usually straight, these five styles are generally for when you’re starting with straight hair. Also, yes my hair usually does look like this when I wake up on the second day because I sleep on silk pillow cases and they do wonders for hair. That post will come another time.

1. Side Braids
French braid both sides and clip with a few X’ed bobby pins. If you can’t French braid, just do two regular braids. If you can’t braid, learn how on YouTube or simply skip to style two.

2. Top Knot
Pull your hair together as if you were going to put it in a ponytail. Twirl it around like a ballerina and hold it with bobby pins all the way around. I think I used 5 for this one.

3. Curls
This one is pretty fool-proof. If you have a curling iron it’s easy peasy. When I curl, I make sure I curl away from my face on both sides for that Farrah Fawcett look. Spritz with a little hair spray to hold it when you’re finished. Then flip it to break up the curls a tinch.

4. Curled and Clipped
Once you’ve curled your locks, pull a little of the top and front back into a small clip. Recurl the underneath (now exposed) if need be!

5. Curly Side Pony
If you prefer your hair out of your face, or if it just simply doesn’t curl well (mine usually curls better on the second day!) then put it into a low side pony and curl the tail! This is probably the quickest style, and you only need to put in five or so curls depending on the thickness of your hair.

So ladies, just remember, you can have those extra five minutes with your dream(y) prince. No worries about making sure your hair looks good because Let’s Talk Twenties has got you covered!

Let me know what you think of this. If you want more, let me know below by clicking that little box!

xx -S

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