Thank you!

Hey dolls! Thank you all so much for subscribing and entering our 2014 Melsy’s Illustrations planner and $20 Sephora giveaway contest!

In case you don’t follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, we chose a winner at random yesterday. Sadly, and I mean very sadly because I wish you all could win, we could only choose one winner. If you didn’t win I have really good news!

Melsy has just reodered her planners! They posted on her site —-> here <—- so if you still can't live without one, which I totally don't blame you!, pick one up here! They're only $25 and so adorable. I always get compliments on mine and I feel so much more organized now that I can keep track of all my appointments and meetings!

Trust me, you need one of these. It is a total lifesaver!! And fashionable at that!

Happy Thursday my loves! We will be posting our next exciting contest next week- stay tuned!

xx -S

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